Daughter Rose Sabitova undressed and showed the figure of

Дочка Розы Сябитовой разделась и показала фигуру
Ksenia took part in a risky photo shoot.

Ksenia Sabitova

Photo: @Xenia Instagram k_syaba Sabitova

Daughter Rose Sabitova starred in a candid photoshoot. Part in a commercial shoot that required the Ksenia bold action: she was completely naked in front of a photographer. All the naughty body parts daughter talasahi was delicately covered. However, this does not detract from the courage of Xenia. Later younger Sabitova published risky photos in a social network.

“If the weekend went with a Bang, as I have, that the most effective means — is a massage! What could be better than when they make you human with your own hands?” signed photograph of her daughter Rose.

Incidentally, several months ago, Internet users criticized Xenia for the extra weight and unkempt appearance. It is not excluded that such changes in her appearance were the result of a rupture of relations with her husband, Andrew Shnekovym. Not so long ago, rose admitted that the marriage of Ksenia collapsed because of problems in bed.

It seems that the girl was able to overcome the pain of parting with loved ones and at the same time listened to the advice of their followers. In the picture her daughter Rose showed significantly postroynevshaya figure and fresh look.