Дочь Ренаты Литвиновой разделась в сильный мороз Daughter of the celebrated actress is not often shared with the users of the Network pictures from the personal archive. Currently the girl rests with her mother in France. Fans were surprised by her latest photo. Despite the freezing temperatures, Carrie was not afraid to go outside in a bathing suit.

      Дочь Ренаты Литвиновой разделась в сильный мороз

      Juliana Dobrovskaya almost always travels with Renata Litvinova. The Director misses no opportunity to be with the heiress. This time mom and daughter went to relax at one of the ski resorts in France. By the way, is there a celebrity celebrated its 50th anniversary. Juliana joined the congratulations and left a touching comment on the Facebook page. However, she soon showed in what conditions is your vacation.

      Renata Litvinova has discouraged the naked

      The girl published a picture in a closed swimsuit, in which she poses outdoors during heavy snowfall. Obviously, Dobrowsky does not bother subzero temperatures on the street. In the comments under the post, she ironically pointed out that winter is not afraid of her, because she is originally from Russia. The daughter Litvinova has provoked a strong reaction among followers.

      “Wow! You’re crazy!”, “This is probably after the Russian bath?”, “Not cold so openly on the street stand?”, “Wow, that’s cold!”, “Put this on, please, anything,” wrote the subscribers in the account Ulyana.

      Apparently, mother Uliana took this picture. She probably saw nothing reprehensible in the fact that the daughter went outside without clothing. For this reason, polonici expressed the opinion that the family of Director spent the day in the bath. The followers, who were most worried about health Dobrowski, took the trouble to leave comments, even in the microblog of Renata Litvinova.

      “Your daughter will not freeze out naked on the street?”, “You there, huh? Will glueee in swimsuits in the mountains”, “Renata, you, too, are hardened, as a daughter? Put the” – wrote in the microblog subscribers actress. By the way, Litvinova also managed to share an interesting picture with fans. She poses in a black coat, under which, apparently, even not wearing anything.

      It is worth noting that Renata heir Ulyana spend their time actively. They walk a lot in the mountains, skiing and fly on a small aircraft to enjoy the local nature. That is the birthday of the Litvinova, together with the heir and her friends went by plane to see the French Alps from the height of bird flight.