Дочь Ренаты Литвиновой повеселилась в компании Земфиры The singer came to congratulate Uliana with the 15th anniversary. Among the guests was the other friend Renata Litvinova, with whom a young girl is familiar. Fans have also sent warm wishes to the successor Director.

      Daughter Renata Litvinova, Ulyana was 15 years old. However, on the occasion of the famous mom decided to invite their friends. Of course, among the guests was a close friend of Renata Zemfira, as well as Natalya Surkova. Women happily posed for photos with the birthday girl.

      “Ula, happy birthday” – wrote in the microblog Litvinova. Most likely, the actress and Director all requests addressed to the daughter personally.

      But fans of Renata wished all the best for a young girl. They did not skimp on the kind words on the birthday Juliana. “Such a beautiful daughter! Happy birthday! Good luck and happiness!”, “Renata, congratulations to you and your girl! Wish you happiness and understanding! Always be loved and love!”, “With the birthday girl you! Daughter incredible beauty! Her mother” “One of the most warm and gentle pictures in the feed. What are you splendid, I can’t contain the excitement!” – wrote fans Litvinova.

      But for fans was not surprising that the friend of the actress came to congratulate her daughter. In early July, Renata and Juliana after shooting the new film, in which the mother acted as the Director, and the daughter made her debut as an actress, decided to vacation in Europe. Zemfira relax after a busy tour of Russia, and Natalia brought their children.

      Became known details of the secret affair of Renata Litvinova

      She 15-year-old Juliana lives and studies in Paris. In order to be closer to her daughter Renata bought a luxury apartment in a prestigious area. Celebrity liked that the neighborhood live with her creative advanced people. In order to settle in the new house, the actress and the Director had to take out a loan. According to estimates of realtors, real estate worth 500 thousand dollars. Renate had to fork out, how to rent apartments recently proved to be problematic.

      “There are French laws that single woman with a child is impossible to rent an apartment. Especially in the winter. People move into apartments and then the owners have no rights to evict tenants while they do not want to move out. It turns out that this rule all enjoy and live for years”, shared the difficulties of everyday life of Renata of France.

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