Дочка Риз Уизерспун дебютировала на подиуме
Beautiful Ava was fascinated by Paris.

Дочка Риз Уизерспун дебютировала на подиуме

Ava Philippe

Photo: Instagram.com

18-year-old Ava Philippe, daughter Reese Witherspoon from her ex-spouse
Ryan Phillippe, began active career in modeling. She has already participated in promotional
photo shoots, and recently appeared on the catwalk — the fashion Week in
Paris. Ava has entrusted a demonstration of the new collection of Valentino. Debut daughter
the actress was found to be very successful.

However, the fact that Ava was so pleased with the Parisians, should not be surprised.
After all, many French Newspapers wrote about it last fall when the girl, being
in among the 20 beauties were selected to participate in the event, appeared on the debutante Ball in Paris.
Then she was voted prom Queen.
No wonder the ABA has entrusted the right to dance the first waltz, which began with

Partnerom ava was a real Indian Prince — the son of the Maharajah of Jaipur — Padmanabh Singh,
which is pals with Prince
William. Ava and her cavalier gracefully waltzed to the music of
the musical “La La Land”.

The guests of the ball have come to the conclusion that Ava is remarkably similar to his mother.
The girl just turned 18 years old, and Reese touching congratulated her
happy birthday. “Your beauty, intelligence and sense of humor never cease
surprise. I love you and consider myself very lucky to be your mother…” —
wrote Reese. It’s funny that she Reese does not share the view that the Ava
inherited her looks.

Reese Witherspoon with daughter