Дочь Пугачевой и Галкина получила первую медаль Diva boasted success of Lisa, laying out the photo of champion on Instagram. The girl is active in sports and has already received high awards. Fans of the band were congratulated by their family with the debut of Elizabeth.

Alla Borisovna has informed fans that her little heiress Elizabeth Galkina has won its first award. The girl received a gold medal in swimming. Brother Harry congratulated the champion one of the first. In the picture from pool kids touching and hugging each other.

“The first medal for swimming. Well Done, Lizok!” – said Primadonna.

Fans of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin admire the talents of little Lisa. The girl at such a young age attends vocals, dances and even plays in the theatre, who invented the Diva in her castle. Children Pugacheva and Galkin opened his theater

Elizabeth sometimes acts on the big stage. Recently, the girl took part in the show Maxim Galkin, which created a furor among the audience. Also the youngest daughter Alla helped me choose outfits. The girl shows the Diva that she likes most of the adult’s wardrobe and gives tips on how to look better before an important event.

“Well, it’s just “Fashion verdict”!” – reported fans of the head of the star family. In recognition of Maxim Galkin, Lisa herself loves to dress up, always happy with new beautiful dresses and shoes.

However, the star dad is seriously worried for her daughter. Humorist afraid that, when Lisa grows up, he tired to fight off suitors from the heiress. “Oh, these girls! Feel, after a certain number of years, I as a father have a serious conversation with them. I now theoretically not very happy”, – shared his experiences Galkin with fans.

It is worth noting that the star, the heirs love to create crafts. Alla Borisovna has told the fans what gifts she presented with Lisa and Harry. Once the daughter and the son have done for Diva graceful figures of flower and tree from clay.