Дочь Проскуряковой и Николаева получила на крестины подвески от Пугачевой Yesterday in a family of artists held a joyous event – they baptized eight-month-old daughter Veronika. The mystery of the gathered relatives of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova. Guest of honour was Alla Pugacheva.

      Дочь Проскуряковой и Николаева получила на крестины подвески от Пугачевой

      The family of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia Proskuryakova celebrates an important event in the life of little Veronica. The parents baptized the little eight months old. Ordinance was attended by relatives and friends of the couple. One of the honoured guests of Alla Pugacheva. Daughter Proskuryakova Nikolaev and gave many different gifts suits, waistcoats, books, toys, and silver spoon. Alla gave pendants in the form of angels and lapel Orthodox prayer.

      Igor Nikolaev and Julia Proskuryakova baptized daughter

      For Yulia and Igor was very important that not a sacred ceremony was attended by relatives and friends.

      “The christening went well, were the closest to us humans. Almost all of our close-knit family was present at the baptism of Veronica, the only thing missing was my parents and sister with her husband, but unfortunately, because of the tight schedule they couldn’t come. The day was Sunny and warm, which we were very happy. Decided to baptize Veronica of 24 may because it coincided with a Church Holiday. This day was sister Veronica Julia Nikolaeva. It is very important for us and for her to attend the celebration. The next day, Julia flew to Miami, and we miss you already” – shared with “StarHit” Proskuryakova.
      Дочь Проскуряковой и Николаева получила на крестины подвески от Пугачевой

      For the baptism of his beloved heiress Nikolaev I Proskuryakova chose a Church in the Moscow suburb of Peredelkino. To the choice of godparents Igor and Julia approached very responsibly. It is important for them to become spiritual parents, people close to their family. At the time of the baptism the Church was closed for visiting other parishioners.

      “God Veronica became close friends of the family tarantsev Alexander p. and Elvira Zhagun, wife of the poet Pavel Zhagun, who wrote with Igor a lot of well-known hits such as “one Hundred friends”, “Stranger”, “Old mill” and many others. Among the honored guests were Alla Pugacheva, we were very happy that she was able to share with us the joy of baptism. Also there were our friends – the family We at full strength (Igor’s brother with family and mother Svetlana Mitrofanovna with Julia Nikolaeva), as well as the couple Shkurovich – Sergei Kayumovich with his wife Kate, – said the singer.

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