Daughter Proskuryakova Nikolaev and grows like dad!

Дочь Николаева и Проскуряковой растет похожей на отца!
Julia shared photos of the grown up Veronica.

Veronika Nikolaeva

Photo: Instagram

Julia Proskuryakova shared with fans
photo of adorable daughter Veronica, which a month ago was 2
year. Subscribers microblog singer was left completely in awe of the pictures.
Many were surprised to notice that the baby is growing the exact copy of his famous
dad, Igor Nikolaev: the same mischievous eyes and “well, just his smile.” Yulia
signed photograph: “Veronika Nikolaeva. For me the most beautiful girl
in the world!”

Of course, Igor is also doted
beloved daughter.

“Veronica is changing every day and gives us your
new words, new facial expressions, movements, — said the composer. Daughter a year and
seven months is a reasonable man with an absolutely clear assessment of the situation.
A serious girl who laughs often, but if smiling, dazzling and
just for you. She is very funny moves all the time breaks
dance. Especially when I sit down at the piano and play tunes that for her
composed. And when it comes to her girlfriend, who is away shy
dance, Nika and gestures, and facial expressions shows her: “what are you standing there?”
Crouches around her, raises his hands, strongly invites to dance, and we
die with laughter… But most of all she likes to do something, getting on
box, which stands in her bedroom. This is such a huge product packaging
some toys, and She is dancing on it, as on the stage. We this is not
taught, but this is our daughter, and the scene it apparently entails. And nick masters
two languages. Not so easy to realize that “orange” at the same time orange. But
she did it!”

The full interview of Igor Nikolaev and Yulia
Proskuryakova read here.