Daughter Prigogine makes a living manicure

Дочь Пригожина зарабатывает на жизнь маникюром

The daughter of Joseph Prigogine this again attracts attention.

19-year-old girl living in Moscow, complains about the lack of money. In social networks Prigogine writes: “money is tight”. It is unknown whether this is trying to evoke pity from his father and to obtain new contributions, or just share his problems with people who signed it.

At the moment the situation for Prigoginei not normal, but because she has to make a living making other girls/women are beautiful. This makes the fact that does manicures and eyebrow correction.

To varnish your nails at home, the daughter of the famous producer any girl will be able for 1200 rubles.

Earlier, Danae said that dreams of becoming a makeup artist (the makeup artist on set), and later became known to the creative ambitions of Prigogine – like her half-sister Anna Shulgin Danae dreams of singing.