Дочь Ольги Шелест выросла ее копией
2-year-old iris more and more like her famous mother.

Дочь Ольги Шелест выросла ее копией

Olga Shelest

Photo: Gevorg Markosyan

Photo: Instagram

Olga Shelest first became a mother in 2013. In one of the American clinics she gave birth to a daughter who decided to call Muse. The girl grew so calm and cheerful that the young parents decided not to delay the second child, and already in the summer of 2015 years was born the second daughter of the TV star by the name of iris. According to Olga, she showed then the whole family, “what’s what”, but this, of course, the Rustling did not love the daughter less.

“When we heard that the family traits most clearly manifested in the child at the time of his birth. It is! Taking up the Muse, I saw a copy of mother-in-law and screamed: “This is Marina!” — said Olga in an interview to “Caravan of stories”. — Since then, the Muse, of course, grown and changed, but still more in the father’s breed. But iris — our. When I got it, I saw my mother. She is now slowly changing and there are daddy’s features, but I know where she went!”

When Olga first showed iris the public, it was impossible to say definitely who she went appearance. But, now that she is 2.5 years, it is becoming more and more like my mom. The same smile, eyes, nose and even cheeks — a copy of the Olga!

Family Shelest and her husband Alexei is considered ideal. They are together for more than twenty years and both claim that we never fought until now.

“People often ask me: “Olga, you know the secret of family happiness. You and Alex together so long.” — says TV presenter. — I must confess that so far not brought the coveted formula. Perhaps the fact that Alesha is completely different, and opposites attract. Maybe that we have a lot in common. But most likely, we were just lucky. If you believe the legend about the second half, I found mine by far. Therefore always wish to find love and his calling. It is also important to take place and be satisfied with its achievements”.