Daughter Oksana Akinshina learning to walk

Дочь Оксаны Акиньшиной учится ходить The actress shared a rare photo of a child who was born in January of this year. Until recently, Oksana Akinshina chose not to post pictures of the baby. The name of the successor of the celebrity is still unknown.

At the beginning of this year, Oksana Akinshina became a mother for the first time. The actress gave birth to a daughter to his wife, producer Archil Gelovani. Until recently, the celebrity has chosen not to share photos of the child. The young woman waited, when the girl grows up. However, recently Akinshina posted a picture, on which her heiress posing back to camera, holding a wheelchair.

Touching the screen caused a storm of emotions among followers Akinshina. They appreciated its large number of “likes”. “I can come and fly”, “Big already”, commented the users of social networks. “Learning to walk?” – asked the actress her colleague Irina Pegova, to which she replied in the affirmative.

The first publication, which Akinshina devoted daughter, appeared in her microblog on January 29. The actress then posted a collage to share with you good news about the new addition to the family. Oksana has combined several frames, including a picture with a balloon in the shape of child’s foot. “It’s a girl!” – reads the inscription on it.

The baby was the second child Oksana Akinshina and her husband, Archil Gelovani. The first-born pair, who was named Konstantin, was born on January 15, 2013. In October 2016 became aware of the fact that the celebrity is preparing for a new addition to the family. Expecting a daughter, Akinshina continued to go out, but I prefer not to share details of his personal life. Oksana avoided talking about the pregnancy.

In February, the social networks appeared postroynevshaya Akinshina. Some time after the baby is born, Oksana began to return to secular life. The star visited Maxim Fadeev. Being in the restaurant of the famous producer, the actress met with Emin Agalarov. The company Akinshina made up of her loved ones. Fans found that a young woman quickly came into shape after giving birth and wrote her many compliments.

Recall that Oksana Akinshina has three children. The eldest heir of the actress Philip was born in her marriage with first husband, businessman Dmitry Litvinov. It was rumored that the lovers have fled because of the large employment men and freedom-loving nature Oksana.

In an interview Akinshin said that talks with the children as with adults. According to Oksana, children need to talk, so they learned the rules. The actress noted that the heirs do not put forcibly at the table and not remove their clothes, if they don’t want to.