Daughter Okhlobystin experimenting on his appearance

Дочь Охлобыстина экспериментирует над его внешностью
Barbara made the actor a fashionable cut.

Ivan Okhlobystin

Photo: Instagram

Ivan Okhlobystin inclined to bold experiments: this
character actor once again confirmed the unexpected decision
artist about their image. Make yourself a fashionable haircut Ivan trusted middle daughter — 18-year-old Barbara. The result of the work of Vari Okhlobystin
shared on personal microblogging.

“Handmade!” signed photograph of Ivan. Fans of the actor
I was satisfied with his new haircut. They were also amused by the fact
that as a protective apron that tied professional
hairdressers, Cooking used conventional trash bag.

Barbara is a versatile
developed person. A girl is interested in Microbiology, is singing,
loves to play guitar… At the same time, she, like all the other kids
Okhlobystin very close and trusting relationship with a stellar dad. “Cooking
I said, “Dad, I’ll find like you fiance!” — shared the actor in an interview
the magazine “7 days”. I wave my hands, “Then on his doorstep!” After all, it meant
the anxiety is terrible! Continuous search of any hemorrhoid. But of course I
with respect to any of its choice”.