Daughter of Vladimir Turchinsky shocked by the change in appearance

Дочь Владимира Турчинского шокировала изменениями во внешности Girl builds a successful career as a model. The successor of Vladimir Turchinsky is now 18 years old, and she has managed to achieve considerable success in the fashion industry. Xenia now lives and works abroad.
Дочь Владимира Турчинского шокировала изменениями во внешности

Death of Vladimir Turchinsky in 2009, shocked many. The TV presenter died of a heart attack when his daughter Ksenia was just ten years old. She repeatedly talked about an intimate relationship with the father and how the tragedy affected her life.

Care of the girl took the mother Irina Turchinskaya. She instilled in the child a desire to work and improve yourself. That’s why she decided not to stay long at home. On reaching the age of majority she went to China., where a few months worked as a model.

Then the girl admitted that does not take this activity seriously, and works as a model only to see the world. But Irina Turchinskaya repeatedly admitted that he is very proud of the achievements of her daughter.

“Xue is already a lot ahead of me, and the most powerful that can give a parent in my opinion is the energy unwavering support and clear the road,” said the woman.
Дочь Владимира Турчинского шокировала изменениями во внешности

However, the appearance of Xenia many fans of her father did not like. They never tire of noting that the girl looks weird and often posts Instagram not your best shots. “This is already a big girl, but the model is not similar. It was too weird,” “Now those ladies, like Xenia is very popular. They just stand out on the catwalk”, “I think she is a real beauty. With my twist,” said fans of the family of Turchinskij.

The Xenia don’t seem offended by the criticism. She often shares photos of their everyday life, but prefers not to comment on personal life and experiences. Earlier, the heir Turchinsky said that misses her daddy very much and sometimes needs his advice.

Irina tries to support her daughter. She loves to put photos with Xenia, who always makes a sensation in social networks. While Turchinska time to build a successful career. She works on TV, and also conducts training and seminars on the topic of fitness workouts.

The widow of Vladimir Turchinsky finds time for travel. Quite often she goes on vacation with her daughter. Thus Irina chooses unusual destinations, for Example, she recently traveled to Uzbekistan in the framework in another project and managed to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings.

“Poor food, lots of training, all the stars in the sky, sand everywhere, camels, lack of communication, conversations around the campfire, the lake Aydarkul. Discovered a new element, in addition to water and snow – sand. The desert is very cool,” said the athlete.

But about the personal life of Irina prefers not to extend. In a rare interview she told me that deep down still in love with Vladimir Turchinsky, and only care about my daughter rescued her from a global depression.