Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером» This year the successor of the famous actor first sat at the Desk. Milan Gogunska not only goes to school, but conquering show business – she recently released her debut video for the song “little man”. The girl said “StarHit” about their Hobbies and how she spends time with loved ones.
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»

Almost all summer 7-summer Milan spent at the cottage with mom and dad. And in September went to the first class. At school she likes, and I am particularly pleased that do not give homework. Although, in recognition of the girls, she have too much to do.

– I love to dance, sing, recently recorded the video for “Smalls”. See?

Yeah, it’s great! I also know that your mother helped you to make a page in Instagram. Want to be popular as the Pope?
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»No, like Michael Jackson. I have it since four years like almost all the songs I know and biography studied. Cool performer. When I grow up, I’ll just like him a lot on tour. And the fact that dad sings, I do not always like his songs slow like quickly. Here at the competition “one to One!” we are together a good song chosen – “Mirrors” Grigory Leps and Ani Lorak. However, she is already tired of me, constantly about that statement everyone says.Review of the Pope: “One friend once asked me: do not upset that his daughter wasn’t you having fun, and from Jackson? To which I replied: “to Be in second place after Michael is still considered the most beautiful after Alexander Revva. That is an honor!”
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»
And if it does not become a singer?
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»Will dad’s the Manager going to solve his performance issues. But only those that are interesting to me and uninteresting to hire another person.—
Many photos in your blog I saw a Teddy bear. It’s your talisman?
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»Yes, Miska – the best toy. I have five. Take it everywhere, but when you grow up, on tour, will not take – I’m afraid to lose.
Brought “Instagram”, starred in the music video… What else is summer doing?
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»The money earned.
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»I opened a restaurant: grandma cooked, and I food her parents sold. A bowl of soup – 50 rubles, a glass of water – 5. More massage dad did, stamped on it. Took 100 rubles per session. The money used to buy dolls and new products. Such is the business!Review of the Pope: “let me explain, where did Milana’s passion for entrepreneurship. Once we read a biography of Jackson, and there was told that he had a commercial vein. Although I suspect a translation error, that is meant that it is all earned. The daughter asked what kind of streak, I explained. Here and announced since then, that’s going to take the money. We do not mind: let a child learning to earning.”—
Which of your parents do want to be like?
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»Not exactly a copy of my father, and it will become also for three hours in the bathroom to hang out – it happens, get stuck there, and no lure. Better be like mother grows up to be just beautiful.—
What do you do?
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»To microtechnical. For example, dad took me by the legs, flips upside down and his feet upward climb. And read along with him and mom – very often “the Little Prince”. I have a good speed of 56 words per minute.Review of the Pope: “we watch children’s movies. In General, try to lead by example daughter. If you want to read more, sagely sit on the couch with a book. She passes and repeats after me. Or take up the guitar, starting to strum any melody, and immediately joins Milan, sitting down behind the piano.”
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»
Movies with dad’s part watch?
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»I used to like it in the role of Kuzya of the “Univer”, kind of funny. And now I rarely watch TV, but in school there.—
What you can scold?
Дочь Виталия Гогунского: «Вырасту – стану папиным менеджером»With my dad we always just hugs and kissers. He calls me Milosic, and I – papusik. But mom sometimes gets angry that I don’t want to clean my room, and got me to brush my teeth.Review of the Pope: “Milan is not lying: for the severity in our family responds Ira. But sometimes I can burnout. For example, work, plunged headlong into a script or notes, and she comes in and says sternly, “Take your time baby!” First growl distilled off, and then pulls himself – if the daughter is calling, this is the most important. And run, where you say”.—
Help to care for your Pets – toy-poodle and a cat?
Sometimes. Lyuska and the Baron came to us a year ago. The dog was quite small, now grown up, even learned how to growl at me. We often play catch-up. And hide and seek – daddy is looking for us. Fun!