Дочь Василия Шукшина устроила скандал с племянницей из-за денег Olga accuses Anna in the spending review. According to her, the niece uses, particularly government grants, personal goals. Shukshin has managed to apply to the Prosecutor.
Дочь Василия Шукшина устроила скандал с племянницей из-за денег

Relatives of the famous writer Vasily Shukshin always make a noisy showdown. Some of the numerous family of the famous author of dozens of works I consider it my duty to indicate that one of their loved ones lives richer or better than they are. Olga Shukshina, the eldest daughter of Lydia Nikolaevna, first speaking with my mother and arguing with her sisters, and is now trying to deal with my niece Anna, the daughter of Catherine, the second wife of Shukshin.

In 2015, Anya opened the Fund “Formula for success”, whose Director was a realtor Konstantin Tregub, who was her husband.

“I wrote a letter to the Prosecutor to understand whether the reported niece grants and what is the second Fund – Anya never was able to give me a clear answer. On 3 April I received a letter from the Main Directorate of the Ministry of justice of Russia in Moscow, where it was reported that they will consider the inclusion of Fund “success Formula” named after V. M. Shukshin in the plan of inspections for 2019,” – said Olga reporters.

It is known that the widow and daughter Shukshin get more money from the performances of his creative works. Remembers Olga, Katya checks all the documents. Women have issues not only to his half sister, but to Ana. She suspects her of embezzling funds, which receives its Fund for personal purposes.

“I saw that now hangs on the website of the presidential grants project for six million rubles – “Shukshin’s palette”. It wants to hold Anna, along with the Fund. I was amazed when I came to meet her. Anya fluttered from the white two-door Mercedes. 30-year-old girl who has never worked. “Anya, where did you get this car?” – I asked. And Anya, being a bad actress, says: “what? I can’t be a rich gentleman?” And then I realize that the price of the machine close to the grant amount,” – said Olga.

Anya does not apply to the situation so seriously. She believes that the suspicions are groundless Olga.

“Yes, aunt Olya unleashed on us prosecutors. Now there is a check in the “Formula for success” about those events that we held, but while I’m no violations’t heard,” said a young woman during a conversation with journalists of “Express newspaper”.