Daughter of Timothy missed an important concert because of illness

Дочь Тимати пропустила важный концерт из-за болезни
Daughter of Timothy and the Alena Shishkova Alice is only four years, but it is of great interest to Network users.

Дочь Тимати пропустила важный концерт из-за болезни

The girl’s grandmother Simona Yunusova is pleased to share the success of a granddaughter, because she is engaged in her upbringing. On the same day little Alice are unable to take part in an important concert, which had long prepared.

Дочь Тимати пропустила важный концерт из-за болезни

“Before the child has a fever up to 39! Late at night, changing the wet towel on the hot forehead, I understand that we are not going anywhere! The idea that all summed up, sitting like a pain, not to sleep a wink. In the morning, telling Alice that, for us, the concert will not take place. Tears. Then the main question: “This means that Phillip will dance with another girl?” What can I say? “Yes, it happens in life, there are things that us does not depend, but we will side by side, I won’t go,” he told Yunusova.

Recall that Alice is a ballet dancer, but followers believe that she is not interested it.

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