Дочь Тимати пропустила выступление из-за серьезной болезни Alice had been preparing for the event and rehearsed dance. But the girl was not able to take part in the concert. The daughter of Timothy has a high fever, so she had to stay home.
Дочь Тимати пропустила выступление из-за серьезной болезни

The blond heir of Timothy and the Alena Shishkova is growing smart and talented child. Alice has been dancing and ballet, and also goes for swimming. The education of girls engaged grandmother of Simon, which leads microblog devoted to Hobbies four year old granddaughter.

It was there that the mother of the rapper shared the misfortune that befell the little ballerina is the daughter of a musician a few days preparing for an important concert, but before the event was seriously ill.

“Before the child has a fever up to 39! Late at night, changing the wet towel on the hot forehead, I understand that we are not going anywhere! The idea that all summed up, sitting like a pain, not to sleep a wink. In the morning, telling Alice that, for us, the concert will not take place. Tears. Then the main question: “This means that Phillip will dance with another girl?” What can I say? “Yes, it happens in life, there are things that us does not depend, but we will side by side, I won’t go,” said Simon.

By the way, Alice is often the object of caustic remarks from social media users. Some believe that the girl was not created for the ballet. However, according to the star’s grandmother, Alice still only taking its first steps in ballet, so she is allowed to do mistakes.

“Not a Swan but the ugly duckling”: the daughter of Timothy hunted for failures in the ballet

The rapper himself has admitted that he loves the child. Parents of Alice were able to leave without conflict, so both are important for girls events. The musician is not going to impose daughter’s Hobbies, which she is not soul.

“My daughter will choose his occupation and profession, hinder her Hobbies, if they are not hazardous to health, I will not. If she decides to devote himself to music, go for this casting, then let him try. I never had, I’ve decided what to do. So the same thing I plan to do with your kids,” said Timothy.