Daughter of the singer Glory has provoked rumors about the pregnancy

Дочка певицы Славы спровоцировала слухи о беременности
The singer has arranged a Grand party on the occasion of the age of Alexandra.

Дочка певицы Славы спровоцировала слухи о беременности

Singer Slava with daughter Alexandra

Дочка певицы Славы спровоцировала слухи о беременности

Mitya Fomin and the Glory with daughter Aleksandroj

But a month after the birthday party arranged for his daughter Alexandra noisy party. On the feast were invited many star friends of the artist.

Party-dream Alexander received a gift from my mom on my 18th birthday. The celebration was held in the school of Grigory Leps — “Leps bar”. Glory tried to realize all the most vivid dreams of my daughter. Guests of the evening were welcomed on the red carpet, just like at social capital get-togethers.

The party was themed: the invitees had to dress in the style of “Moulin Rouge”. The birthday girl herself was dressed in white, embroidered with crystals floor-length dress. The party was a success: the champagne flowed freely and guests to the morning light the music on the dance floor.

By the way, looked a photos from the festival fans suspected that the young Alexander was pregnant. At this point they were guided by the strange posture that the daughter of Glory took most of the photos: hands on the belly. A gesture typical for new moms. By the way, recently the singer has told that Alexander had for some time lives with her boyfriend. The prospect of soon becoming a grandmother Glory was not scary. She gave birth to Alexander at the age of 19, so absolutely no worries if the daughter will repeat her fate. Besides, the singer is sure that will be a “superbible”, which will get great pleasure from the education of grandchildren.