Дочери Сергея Безрукова и Анны Матисон исполнился год
Little Mary is congratulated.

Дочери Сергея Безрукова и Анны Матисон исполнился год

Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov

Photo: PhotoXpress.ru

Warmest wishes written Mache Bezrukovoj in her day
the birth of thousands of fans of Anna matison and Sergei Bezrukov. Recall that
the couple met on the set of the film “milky way”, in March of last year
they secretly got married, and on July 4, was born their daughter. Little Mary already
visited with parents in different countries of the world: from Israel to Japan.


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Дочери Сергея Безрукова и Анны Матисон исполнился год

Thank you all FOR the CONGRATULATIONS,my Dear,Horroshih!!!!!) Masha is already a year old! THANK YOU FOR YOUR KIND WORDS AND WISHES!)

Union matison and Bezrukova is not only family, but also creative.
Anna has filmed two movies in which the main role performed by her husband. And,
the drama script “After you” was written for the first time in his career Bezrukova, especially for him.
This painting has won numerous prizes at national and international
festivals. In production now is a few more projects matison that removes “Film Sergey Bezrukov”.

And on the eve of the estate of Konstantin Stanislavsky in Lyubimovka
the opening of the festival “Stanislavsky Season. Summer festival provincial
theatres”. On the opening day there was presented “the Cherry quest” — sketch
the play “the Cherry garden” directed by artistic Director of the Moscow
The provincial theatre of Sergei Bezrukov.