Дочь Филиппа Киркорова займется художественной гимнастикой The king of pop give the baby up for education Irina Viner-Usmanova. Four-year-old Alla-Victoria is growing active and very plastic. The famous father of the baby sure she can succeed in the sport.

      Дочь Филиппа Киркорова займется художественной гимнастикой

      In the autumn the singer is planning to send four-year-old Alla-Victoria in artistic gymnastics. And do it with the king of pop, of course, the best specialist in this field, has brought up not one Olympic champion, Irina Viner-Usmanova. She has coached such famous athletes as Alina Kabaeva, Laysan utiasheva, Evgenia Kanaeva, and many others. The idea of an unexpected future for her daughter Philippa, by the way, gave itself Viner-Usmanova, noting at one event that the girl is incredibly flexible and is able to show myself in the gym.

      Irina immediately told this to Philip and promised to personally pursue her training at the International Academy of sport. Meanwhile Kirkorov repeatedly admitted that would pop career for their children, therefore, were enthusiastic about the proposal.

      Дочь Филиппа Киркорова займется художественной гимнастикой“Home – aunt Marie, dad Bedros – support my decision to try my daughter in this sport – says “StarHit” Philip. Alla-Victoria loves to dance – is to turn the music on, she maketh such PA, just stare! But not just jumping to the beat, and trying to perform complex choreographic improvisation. It is very flexible, he sometimes wonder how it is she is so beautiful to move. And daughters like the attention – when everyone is staring, wide-eyed. She loves to surprise me. So very soon I will watch her progress. Perhaps Martin in the future will choose a sport for the soul – it is also very mobile, quick, agile”.

      Now my daughter and son Philip attend kindergarten, which is located near the house of Kirkorov in the suburbs. Sometimes the singer, when given a break between tours, he takes them out of the class. Usually this makes Auntie Marie, who devotes all his time to the kids, their education, in the summer with her they will travel on vacation to Bulgaria. In addition to General developmental lessons Martin and Alla Victoria Kirkorov already do swimming, drawing, modeling, English language, choreography, singing – on some subjects drove their grandmother, and somehow come to the house Tutors and teachers. Children of Philip Kirkorov made a splash at the premiere of his show

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