Daughter of Philip Kirkorov is growing a copy of grandmother

Дочь Филиппа Киркорова растет копией бабушки The singer surprised the striking similarity of Alla-Victoria with his mother. A five year old girl inherited from the progenitor of incredible beauty. Philip has published in the microblog two shots, which show that his daughter is very similar to the grandmother. Fans of the king of pop called it a great miracle.

      Philip has two children, a daughter Alla-Victoria and son Martin. The king of pop doted to his heirs. Until recently, the star father kept secret his private life and showed kids fans. But when the son and daughter of the singer grew up, he gladly began to share some moments from the lives of their heirs. Philip Kirkorov celebrated the birthday of his daughter

      Fans of Philip Kirkorov have been able to see how beautiful and bright children grow Alla-Victoria and Martin. On the eve of subscribers microblog celebrities was amazed at how similar Alla-Victoria and her grandmother Victoria. The king of pop posted on his page in Instagram two shots, looking at which it becomes apparent that the girl, who is now five years to grow the same incredible beauty, which was her grandmother.

      “Genes is a great thing. My mother Victoria and my daughter Alla-Victoria and…”, – signed photo of Philip, shaken by how similar the grandmother and granddaughter.

      Fans of the singer were amazed no less than his own. Under the post left by the hundreds of rave reviews. “Really like!”, “It is a great miracle”, “Unbelievable! Happiness and health to your baby and you. Thank you for make us happy”, “Crazy beauties! Breed and genes take their toll!”, “Beauty was mom, to her eternal memory! Granddaughter – a copy of the grandmother, may her life would turn out happily!”, “So similar, very beautiful, expressive eyes”, “Philip, I’ve never seen your mom, she’s beautiful, and girl your just a miracle, an exact copy of your mother,” admired by fans of Philip Kirkorov.

      Philip loves his children. He tries to make it so that Alla-Victoria and her brother Martin grew up versatile individuals. Daughter of the king of pop began to engage in artistic gymnastics. Trains baby the best specialist in this field, has brought up not one Olympic champion, coach Irina Viner-Usmanova.

      Incidentally, Philip a long time thinking about the sporting future for her daughter. And Viner-Usmanova told him the direction, noticing at one event that the girl is incredibly plastic and can manifest itself in gymnastics. Kirkorov has no doubt that the son will soon be sport for the soul, because the boy grows flexible and agile. In addition, Alla-Victoria and Martin recently tried themselves as models. The children took part in a professional photo shoot.