Daughter of Philip Jankowski is credited with an affair with the son of Avdotya Smirnova

Дочери Филиппа Янковского приписывают роман с сыном Авдотьи Смирновой Discussing new guy 23 year old Lisa. More recently, she met with actor Alexander PAL, but in December there were rumors, though, the young people broke up. Now the girl is credited with the relationship with his son Avdotya Smirnova – Danila by Ippolitova.
Дочери Филиппа Янковского приписывают роман с сыном Авдотьи Смирновой

Student, school-Studio of MKHAT Lisa does like her famous parents, tries to avoid publicity. However, his romance with actor Alexander PAL girl did not hide. She did not comment on the relationship, but they posted a joint photo on a social network. However, in the fall of 2017, young people have removed most joint shots. Closer to winter there were rumors, and then anonymous comments friends of the couple, Alexander and Elizabeth broke up.

Discussing the breakup of Alexander PAL and granddaughter of Oleg Yankovsky

“Probably, Lisa and Sasha were tired from each other. It happens. Each pair needs a break. Someone quite a month. Others only for a year understand that you can’t live without each other. Point in their relationship to put early” – say, surrounded by couples.
Дочери Филиппа Янковского приписывают роман с сыном Авдотьи Смирновой

However, now there is new speculation. Fans of the Jankowski family, I believe that Lisa has a new relationship with a very interesting young man. In the photos, which she occasionally puts in social networks, careful observers noticed the young man. Usually Lisa’s filming of their friends and colleagues. This young man turned out to be someone other than Danila Ippolitov, the son of writer, Director Avdotya Smirnova and art historian Arkady Ippolitov, stepson Anatoly Chubais.

Daniel 27 years old, he was world champion in beach soccer, art critic and aspiring producer. If you believe the speculation, the romance of Lisa and Daniel began recently. In may 2017, Avdotya Smirnova published on his personal page in social networks photo of his son with another girl – Olga. Then the Director spoke very tenderly about the girl son. She wrote in the comments to the photo that the choice of the heir to a very smart, responsible, working in a serious company, which builds ships, and added: “I think she’s upset, looking at our movie levity”.

Danila Ippolitov really started to make a movie in 2017, he released a short film “Seizure. Asphyxia. Death”, which was shown in October at the 30th international festival in the German Braunschweig. Lisa does in this picture were not involved, but starred in the film mother of Daniel, Avdotya Smirnova “the Story of a destination” which shootings passed in the summer of 2017.

And in December visit Lisa in Instagram microblog began to receive photos of Daniel. First they were in his native Petersburg, and now both rest in Italy.