Дочка Павла Деревянко помогает ему по хозяйству
Five Cooking having fun with my dad.

Daughter Of Pavel Derevyanko Cooking

Photo: Instagram Paul Derevyanko @pablo_derevyanko

Pavel Derevyanko can surely be called a good and
caring the father: all his free time he spends in the company of his
five year old daughter. Paul and Molly are traveling together,
walk, play and even do housework. For example, Derevianko published
touching photo, where Varya was sitting in a grocery cart. “Take it easy,
dad”— signed photo Derevyanko.

We will remind, Pavel Derevyanko more years keeping silent about the fact that he returned to his beloved Daria Malisevo, which broke up after the birth of their daughter Varya 5 years ago. Moreover, Paul and Dasha was born, another girl.

“Thank you very much for the congratulations, I’m so happy! said 7days.ru actor. — We named our younger daughter Sasha, she’s so beautiful! In General, you know, I really don’t want to shout about their personal world: happiness is such a fragile thing…”

Guided by the principle of “happiness loves silence”, Paul does not reveal other details of his family life. Including Derevyanko does not tell the circumstances under which they with Daria Malisevo agreed to resume their relationship. But that’s about the eldest daughter Varechka actor, by his own admission, can talk for hours!

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