Daughter of Olga Kabo celebrated the coming-of-age in France

Дочка Ольги Кабо отпраздновала совершеннолетие во Франции
Actress touching congratulated Tanya happy birthday.

Дочка Ольги Кабо отпраздновала совершеннолетие во Франции

Tanya Cabo

Photo: @kabo_olga Instagram of Olga Kabo

Daughter of Olga Kabo recently celebrated its coming of age. In honor of the birthday of Tanya received a moving letter from my mom.

“Well, well, 18 — fascinating flight into adulthood has begun! Let it be bright, high, and, most importantly, without falling! Be happy, my baby…” — wrote the actress in the microblog. To celebrate such an important date in the life of Tanya was lucky in France. Girl gains strength before a difficult academic year in GITIS, where she entered the choreography faculty of Vyacheslav Gordeev, people’s artist of the USSR.

Tanya Cabo

Photo: @tanya_kabo Instagram Tani Cabo

On her return home, Olga, according to tradition, be sure to arrange a family holiday. By the way, not long ago, the family of Cape celebrated the birthday of the actress’s son Victor. The boy was four years old. Despite the large age difference between Tanya and Victor reign a warm and friendly relationship. Daughter Olga for some time now lives separately from parents, therefore, seen sister and brother every day. However Vityusha always looked forward to meetings with her older sister.

Tatiana lives alone in a Moscow apartment (of course, she has an AU pair), and every weekend we have family gatherings at home or joint trips to the circus, in the theater, the Park… Victor loves his sister all the time and asks to visit her. And Tania with pleasure invites us to himself. She cooks dinner, contemplating entertainment, just like in my childhood: my brother plays the piano, shows cartoons, gives to listen to my adult music — in short, enlighten him!” — admitted Olga in an interview 7days.ru

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