Daughter of Michael Jackson twisted new novel

Дочка Майкла Джексона закрутила новый роман
Paris not long to be sad after a separation with former boyfriend.

Paris Hilton


19-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson is not only the successor of the king of pop,
she already had become a celebrity: she successfully tries himself as
actress and model. Paris manages everything:
to play and to have fun, and make new novels. This year the girl already
managed to play one in the movie — “Gringo” — in the series “Star”, where she plays one of main roles. Besides, Paris has worked
a few photo shoots for advertising. And on the days paparazzi caught
her society to the next man. He was a handsome Tyler Greene who successfully
working in the modeling business.

Tyler and Paris, which was caught when they wandered arm in arm along the shore
ocean, perfectly spend time in
Australia, where they stayed at a luxury hotel — Resort Qualia’s Beach House. In Australia, the singer’s daughter arrived as honorary
guest on the Melbourne Cup horse racing, is very popular in the homeland of kangaroos. As
admitted to Paris and in this country it flew for the first time, although it has long dreamed of
here to visit. It was here married once her parents
Michael and Debbie Rowe.

Paris looked in society Greene happy:
she smiled and didn’t even try to hide from the paparazzi. As you can see, she’s already
managed to forget his former boyfriend
– Michael Snoddy, a novel which she completed at the beginning of this year. With
Michael, the drummer for the band Street Drum Corps, Paris started Dating in
the beginning of 2016, after I broke up with my first boyfriend
Chester, Castelo admitting to infidelity. Until recently, her affair with
Michael has developed quite successfully. But, according to girlfriends, girls, all
it was good up until she unquestioningly obeyed Snode, which
by the way, almost 10 years her senior. And as soon as she allowed herself to begin to Express
his own point of view and
to act at its own discretion, the lovers began to quarrel and
soon decided that they would be better in the future to go through life apart.