Daughter of Michael Jackson scared the fans with a tweet

Дочь Майкла Джексона напугала поклонников твитом

18-year-old Paris Jackson has published a post on Twitter that made serious through its subscribers.

It is not surprising – the post is, frankly, not the most positive: the young man looks at a rope loop – it’s not even the hint of suicide, and direct him to the policy.

Moreover, the cause for concern at the subscribers Paris was serious – the daughter of the king of pop had tried to escape from life in 2013, then was treated for depression. Lately her life was adjusted, and personal, too – in a lot of her Instagram photo with her boyfriend Michael, Snoddy, where Paris looks happy. And suddenly this post…

“Please delete this entry!” – wrote one of her followers, while another noted that suicide is the wrong answer.

However, as it turned out later, Paris was just pretty worried about the election of the President of the United States Donald trump – this was due to her gloomy state. In subsequent tweets Paris began lamenting that in her country, too little love, and if there was a lot, then trump would disappear like the witch in the end a good tale. And expressed his sympathy for all women and immigrants, because now no one will feel safe, referring to the sexist remarks future US President and his intention to deal firmly with illegal immigration.