Daughter of Michael Jackson Paris hated himself as a child

Дочь Майкла Джексона Пэрис ненавидела себя в детстве

19-year-old daughter of legendary singer Michael Jackson Paris gave a Frank interview to foreign publications Stellar, where he graced the cover. She admitted that in the childhood did not like, but now wants to be a role model.

Дочь Майкла Джексона Пэрис ненавидела себя в детстве

The girl admitted that she had a period of hatred to himself and to his body. Paris is proud that we were able to get out of this period and became who is now. “Some days I like my body, other days I like it less. Before I really hated myself, but now I’m happy to say that I grew out of it. I’m proud of myself and love myself,” admits Paris.

Role models start getting the daughter of Michael Jackson by charity. “I now actively involved in charity missions and help the affected families after a hurricane in Puerto Rico. They are for me in the first place. Almost everything I do, comes back to this job.” shares with the journalists of Paris.

“I would like to become a role model that the parents are watching with their children. Of course, I’m not perfect, but I think that it is important to show others that I use like everyone else. I am the same person, and all around, and I think this is important,” says the daughter of the legendary singer.

Дочь Майкла Джексона Пэрис ненавидела себя в детстве

Thanks to his father’s name, Paris gets a lot of attention from the public. In an interview with Paris admitted that he would like to live a normal life and just spend time with your friends. She loves the outdoors and his animals. “I have four dogs and three cats, and they are my whole life. When I’m not working and not resting, my day usually consists of reading, TV shows and walks with my Pets, or brothers. I have not a very full life. A quiet life — a happy life,” admits the model.

The actress and activist Paris Jackson also has a brother Prince with whom she is close and spends a lot of time together. Their father died in 2009. Paris was only 11, Prince 12, Prince the second 7 years. During his life, Michael tried to hide the children from the rampant media attention, and now his daughter calmly removed for a magazine cover and gives an interview for the famous magazine.

Proof of the close relationship of brother and sister is their recent appearance at the wedding of relatives. Prince put in his instagram photo, where everybody is cute posing with flowers. “Were honored to be a part of the wedding Siggy Jackson with my Sister Paris Jackson, the” signed photograph in a social network.