Daughter of Michael Jackson is hiding the scars from a suicide attempt under “tattoos”

Дочка Майкла Джексона скрывает шрамы от попытки самоубийства под «татушками»
Paris ordered already the 24th tattoo.

Дочка Майкла Джексона скрывает шрамы от попытки самоубийства под «татушками»

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson is only eighteen but she already became a regular in the scandalous Chronicles. The girl managed to change a few Boyfriends, one day
almost went hastily marrying one of them, had to attempt
suicide. And Paris adorned his body 23 (!) a tattoo is not going to stop there.

As proudly announced Paris in the coming days, she intends to do
currently have the 24th “tattoo” — in honor of the beloved father of Michael Jackson. The girl is extremely attached to its own roots: she decided to “write” on the back date of birth Michael: 29
August 1958. Recently, she adorned herself with an image in
honor of Michael the tattoo, copied from the cover of one of the albums
Jackson. As for the other “tattoos” girls, some of them, as
she admitted, have a purely practical purpose: to cover the scars on
wrists left over from her attempts to kill herself!

Interestingly, the current boyfriend of Paris — the 26-year-old drummer for the band Street Drum Corps Michael Stodden —
parts mania girlfriend and also covers himself with tattoos. One of them is the image of the Confederate flag of the southern slave States during the
The civil war— he was in the center of the scandal: he was accused of racism.

Among other things, to meet fellow rocker,
Paris are ready for more. She did “punk the hedgehog”
on the head and discolor your dark, beautiful hair turned into
pergidrol blonde. However, the blonde she did not stay long: recently repainted in turquoise color to match the dress of his girlfriend on the occasion

Paris Jackson

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