Daughter of Michael Jackson has reconciled with sick mom

Дочка Майкла Джексона помирилась с тяжело больной мамой
Paris is proud of the courage of Debbie Rowe.

Paris Jackson and Debbie Rowe

Photo: @parisjackson Instagram Paris Jackson

Paris, the only daughter of the king of pop Michael
Jackson spares no time to support his sick mother. She often
visit Debbie Rowe and tries to maintain it in very difficult for mom time.
The fact that Rowe, whose doctors have diagnosed with cancer recently
beginning a course of chemotherapy, which is given to her very hard. And Paris helps
Debbie to keep vivacity of spirit. On the days the girl tweeted
photos, which it captured along with Rowe who had already lost all his hair.
“I was able to grow a stand because she is a fighter. I love you, mom!” signed Paris under the.

About the disease, she became known
this summer. The terrible news was for 18-year-old daughter of Jackson terrible
surprise especially because she learned about it from the press. The fact that
prior to this, Paris in almost two years was not seen and did not communicate with my mother. But
when she realized that life Debbie was in danger, she forgot old grievances,
reconnected with Rowe, and since then maintains a constant contact.

The spat between Paris and her mom
happened after the girl found out that Debbie was going to get married. As the daughter of Jackson adored
her father, she felt that its decision ROE betrays the memory of Michael
deceased in 2009, although since his departure from life by the time elapsed
for almost 5 years. Recall that Debbie and singer
had been married for only three years. After the divorce, custody of Paris and her brother Prince turned to Jackson. And when the singer died, the guardian
children, his mother Katherine and Debbie only got visitation rights.

Now, however, all misunderstandings
and disagreements in the relationship, Rowe and her daughter in the past. Paris ready for
anything to help mother. Currently she is very concerned about the effect
chemotherapy. Paris recently wrote on his page in social network: she’s afraid
what medications will cause health Debbie no less harm than the disease itself. And
the girl tries to know more about
alternative methods of treatment.