Дочка Майкла Джексона сделала новое тату в честь отца

19-year-old daughter of Michael Jackson even after the death of his famous father never tires of talking about how much she loves him. As you know, after the loss of a family member any person with even more trepidation to the memory of this man, and that Paris behaves.

On the girl’s body already has a few tattoos, which she did in honor of the Pope. Recently, Paris has got another wearable pattern, which is associated with her father.

On wrist, Jackson appeared the word “Bad”, “broken” in red ink.

“I fucking love you,” — said in comments to the photo where Paris shows a new tattoo.

We note that recently the daughter of Jackson boasted another tattoo that was a picture of Michael himself period of the release of his album “Dangerous”.

By the way, is not superfluous to recall that the mother of the older children of Jackson Debbie Rowe with cancer. Recently a woman was diagnosed with breast cancer. Despite this dangerous and insidious disease, children, Rowe took a step towards the mother to help her to cope with this problem.

Apparently, resentment at mom for them is stronger than family feelings…

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