Дочка Майкла Джексона покрасила волосы под цвет наряда подружки
Paris Jackson continues to rebel

Paris Jackson

Photo: @parisjackson Instagram Paris Jackson

The only daughter of Michael Jackson — 18-year-old Paris continues to shock
public. Here is her latest “achievement”: she dyed her hair ... in turquoise

“Only a real friend will venture to paint
the color of the prom dresses girlfriend!” proudly signed Paris under his photo
she posted in his microblog. By the way, her page in social
the network has as many as 1.7 million subscribers. Before the popularity of Kim Kardashian, which boasts 72 million “followers”,
she, of course, still very far away, but Paris is only eighteen…

New hair color was for my daughter Jackson
another rebellious action, which Paris has, since its systematically shocking
fans. It all started with the fact that she fell in love with the tattooed little
if not from head to toe, 26-year-old drummer of the rock group Street
Drum Corps — Michael Snoddy. And Paris
began to bring his appearance into conformity with the image of a boyfriend. First
business, she briefly cut her beautiful dark hair and turned into
“parisitology blonde” punk “hedgehog” on the head. Next, she began to decorate themselves with tattoos. For
this time, her body appeared a lot of “tattoos”. Among them the most
remarkable — respectable size an image representing a copy of
the album art of her late father. This “masterpiece” Paris has got
recently. But that’s not all: she managed to make a tongue piercing and
managed to get a tattoo on the inside of the lip!

girls are very concerned about the developments. But they were so happy when
she began an affair with Snoddy, which they decided will help Paris recover
from emotional wounds after a dramatic parting with her old buddy Chester
Castelo, whom she almost married. Now, relatives of Paris
fear that the girl, obviously succumbed to the influence of the rocker-extremal, again
enter the path of self-destruction. After all, she already has in the past sad experience — when
in 2013, she, under the influence of pills, slashing his wrists, tried
to commit suicide.

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