Daughter of Michael Galustyan debuted on the theatrical stage

Дочь Михаила Галустяна дебютировала на театральной сцене
7-year-old Estella got the part in the school theater.

Photo: Instagram

Daughter of Michael Galustyan this year went to the first class. The girl really likes the lessons and the learning does not cause her any problems. Parents recorded Estella in theatre. After two months of regular practice — and here the girl is performing on stage.

Galustyan daughter got a role in the production of “Feelgood” eponymous work of Korney Chukovsky. Estella played the shark, which is known to lay in the sun and suffering that her children has a toothache.

The first performance of the guys from the drama club saw a Packed hall of parents. Mikhail Galustyan and Viktoriya sat on a place of honor, and after the presentation I got my daughter a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

By the way, Estella grows very creative girl. For two years, for example, she engaged in music. “It is a great joy when my daughter happy runs to class, — says Victoria. — Comes with tutorial step and it is still home working on your own initiative!”

Especially for the daughter of comedian bought a modern piano that is the best fit into the atmosphere of the house of Golostenov.

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