Daughter of Leonid Parfyonov and Elena Chekalova married

Дочь Леонида Парфенова и Елены Чекаловой выходит замуж The successor of the famous family and her fiance got engaged in Thailand. Maria Parfenova received an offer of marriage from her beloved, businessman Andrei Muravyev in the New year’s eve. About the joyous event told the mother of the bride and future mother-in-law Elena Chekalova, adding that it is ready for the role of grandmother.

      Дочь Леонида Парфенова и Елены Чекаловой выходит замуж

      The family of a prominent journalist Leonid Parfenov and restaurateur and popular blogger Elena Chekalova in the last days of the outgoing, 2016 happened bright and joyful event. Daughter Elena and Leonid’s 23-year-old Maria Parfenova received the status of the bride, obrativshis with her lover Andrei Muravyov. Everything happened on the island of Koh Samui in Thailand, where a happy family together with children and their mate is having fun, enjoying the hot December weather, exotic places. Apparently, Elena Chekalova and Leonid Parfenov has established an excellent relationship with the fiance of his daughter. At a joint pictures the whole company just glows with happiness, giving to understand that they are very well and comfortable in each other’s company.

      That their heir will soon go down the aisle, on his page on “Facebook” said Elena Chekalova, adding that he is trying on the role of the grandmother.

      Дочь Леонида Парфенова и Елены Чекаловой выходит замуж“Friends, our family has a holiday today: my Mary was betrothed to Andrey Muraviev. It seems to me that the betrothal to the New Year is to happiness,” – shared joy Elena Chekalova.

      Under her post was immediately abandoned a lot of comments with wishes of good and happiness in love. “Congratulations to you and the bride! Them happiness and joy! Engagement for the New Year is magic for life”, “How good it is! A great Christmas gift to parents. Happiness!”, – write friends and family.

      It is worth noting that the future son-in-law Chekalova and Parfenov has been in business, is the co-owner of the company that produces chocolate. Maria Parfenova studied in Italy at the school of the British Council. He graduated from the University of restaurant and hotel business, has worked as a PR Director in two companies.

      Дочь Леонида Парфенова и Елены Чекаловой выходит замуж

      We will remind that not so long ago, namely, at the end of June 2015 Elena Chekalova and Leonid Parfenov married son, Ivan Parfenov, who is older than his sister Mary four years. The choice of the heir is known in Russia of the family was Maria, Broitman professional woman architect. Ivan Parfenov studied Economics, graduating from the University of Milan, is the author of several creative projects.

      And in November of this year, pearl wedding said Chekalova and Parfenov. Their happy family was thirty years old. Chekalova and Parfenov celebrate a pearl wedding in London