Daughter of Leonid Bronevoi shared memories about him

Дочь Леонида Броневого поделилась воспоминаниями о нем The famous actor died on Saturday, December 9. Leonid Bronevoy for a long time been sick and last month was in the hospital. The actor’s widow regrets that it was not there when he died.
Дочь Леонида Броневого поделилась воспоминаниями о нем

On Saturday, December 9, is not known Soviet and Russian actor Leonid Bronevoi. The artist was 88 years old – he did not live just a couple of days before the next birthday on December 17. Leonid remembered for such iconic films as “Seventeen moments of spring,” “That Munchhausen”, “the Pokrovskie gate” and others. “Such artists like him today” colleagues and friends mourn the deceased Leonid Bronevoi

Today in the Studio program “Let them talk” gathered relatives and friends of the actor, to commemorate. Director of theatre “Lenkom” mark Zakharov, which has long worked Armored, admitted that the news of the death became for it strong blow.

“In addition to feelings of grief and great loss, remain bright the feeling that I was working with this man. Passed through my life. We became friends on a film career, playing Duke in the film “That Munchhausen”,” – said the Director.

Also Zakharov confessed that specially created performances that were written just for him. Colleagues at the scene said that Leonid very carefully approached to each role – he was interested in the inner content of man.

In the program “Let them talk” showed an excerpt from a long interview Armor. He admitted that the acting profession is very difficult, because artists need to please people.

The actor’s widow Victoria Valentinovna has told, what happened before the tragedy. As it turned out, the health of Leonid Sergeevich has deteriorated a month ago.

“He has two left feet, November 3, played. Two drivers literally brought. I called the nephew, called an ambulance and was taken to hospital where he spent a month. Nobody with him. Every day came to see him, but not early in the morning, and at half past ten, and to five. Early in the morning all of a sudden…” said Armor.
Дочь Леонида Броневого поделилась воспоминаниями о нем

Dmitry Borisov reminded that the creative way the actor began is not easy. He had to look up how to make money. The first wife of the artist died of cancer when their only daughter Valentina was four years old.

“It was very hard, I knew many things already. We lived hard, poor, hungry. It was not the work of the father when he came. Not always had something to eat. Then gradually the work began, we began to survive. To work normally the father, and I was learning, there were no conditions, to put it mildly. He had to learn the role, and nowhere. We have to go to the bathroom and there’s another 25 people. So hard, so we lived there,” said the woman in an interview with Dmitry Borisov.

One of the most important roles of the Armor was in the film “Seventeen moments of spring”, where he played the head of the Gestapo Mueller. Colleagues noted that he was not afraid to wear a fascist uniform and showed the human qualities of his character. Many believe that this game can be taken as a specimen of the art of acting.

Father’s Armour was recognized as an enemy of the people and was arrested in 1936. The daughter of Leonid Sergeevich admitted that because of this it was hard to find work.

“He didn’t like to discuss it, not very welcomed. Didn’t take me to work, to get was very difficult, due to the fact that the repressed grandfather, it was such times. When Stalin died, there was an ardent Communist. Took the party, so convinced, I don’t know whether these still. Was strong in spirit and physically,” – said Valentina Leonidovna.