Daughter of Kurt Cobain divorced her husband

Дочка Курта Кобейна развелась с мужем
Former spouses are suing because of the guitar of the musician.

Дочка Курта Кобейна развелась с мужем

Frances Bean Cobain And Isaiah Silva


25-year-old daughter of Kurt Cobain and
Courtney Love finally freed from the bonds of marriage. As it became known, the judge declared the marriage
Frances Bean Cobain and her husband Isaiah Silva — terminated. However, the division of property Frances and Isaiah peace
by failed to reach an agreement. To resolve issues, mi have
now to sue.

The main subject of the property dispute — almost priceless guitar,
once belonged to Cobain. Silva requires to declare a musical instrument
his assets, claiming that Francis gave it to him. But the daughter of Cobain
categorically denies the fact of donation and considers the guitar his property. She even
agreed to pay ex-husband spousal alimony, but the father’s instrument
not ready to give up under any circumstances. Francis is already preparing for trial
the process for this reason and collecting evidence of its ownership of
on the guitar. To testify in her favor on the court agreed, and in particular the mother
girl and former wife of Cobain — Courtney Love. Incidentally, although for
several years Francis refused to communicate with her mother, once her marriage
collapsed, she reconciled with Love.

Recall: the daughter of Cobain and guitarist of the rock band the Eeries — Isaiah Silva began
to meet when the girl was only 14 years old. A year later they became engaged and in June
2014, got married, and their ceremony was strictly classified.
However, in March of 2015, the year they made the decision to leave, and five months
ago Francis
officially filed for divorce.

Frances Bean Cobain