Дочка Джессики Альбы выросла точной копией матери
The actress has already walked out of “maternity leave”.

Дочка Джессики Альбы выросла точной копией матери

Jessica Alba

Photo: @ jessicaalba/Instagram

The other day 36-year-old Jessica Alba shared a very touching picture, for
which posed for all her three children: 9-year-old honor, 6-year-old haven and kid Hayes, who is three
months — he was kept in the hands of the eldest daughter of the actress. “Thank you, Cache,
our wonderful family!” — signed Jessica photo, addressing her gratitude
husband cash Warren, the father of all three of her children. This photo made a strong impression
for fans of the actress: they noticed how similar was the haven for your

As told to Jessica that only on the eve of the New year gave birth to Hayes, she had already left for work. In the near future it will appear on the set of the new series, which is not
untitled. According to the actress, future TV show will be shown on the television
version of the successful film “Bad boys”, released in 1995.

Children Of Jessica Alba

Photo: @ jessicaalba/Instagram

By the way, recently the star admitted that she has managed to recover its training regime in the gym. “I’m back in the saddle!” — signed Alba shared a picture with his coach Aaron Hinz in the gym. As recently postnatal women lifting weights is not recommended, Jessica is limited to training on a stationary bike. However, soon she is getting ready to move on to more intense training. Incidentally, the actress has managed to renew not only sports, but also returned to his business in the office, because she never got rid of their business — the company “the Honest Company”, which had constantly suing unhappy customers.