Дочь Ивана Урганта показала своего бойфренда The girl prefers not to comment on personal life. Erica is the daughter of well-known TV presenter and is in a great relationship. Judging from the picture, she is literally going crazy from her beloved.

Ivan Urgant for many years now, happily married to Natalia Kiknadze. He believes children of a young woman from a previous relationship family and always enjoy communicating with them.

The man is trying to properly educate teenagers not to spoil them with money and expensive gifts. Fans happy to follow the life of Ivan himself, and his children, through social networks. Recently the stepdaughter of broadcaster has surprised followers with a photo with a nice young man.

“I love you,” simply signed frame girl.

The picture shows the pair hugging, so fans immediately came to the conclusion of their romantic relationship. “How pretty you are, just incredible, It’s so cute, I wish you happiness”, “look Great together”, commented the photo subscribers girls.

Despite the interest from the fans, Erika never mentioned the name of the young man. However, it is clear that they share really strong feelings.

Now Erica for 17 years, and this year she will go to University. While she doesn’t really talk about future plans. She reluctantly tells about his personal life, and the very Urgant commented on this topic. So it is not known as a popular TV host refers to the boyfriend of Erica.

Ivan told me that he tries to spend more time with their children, share their interests and to support hobby. He brings in the heirs of respectful attitude not only towards others but also towards money. So, the social network, Erica has repeatedly stressed that he does not understand why her peers from affluent families with such imposition boast a wealth of.

“It is strange to see how they show off all their bags, yachts, expensive cars, jewelry. And the money is not theirs, and parents,” said the girl.

Stepdaughter Urgant prefers to spend time not shopping or constant travel abroad, and sports and study. She does not feel a great love for branded things and rarely shows off expensive gifts.

Her picture with a young handsome man so impressed fans. Many fans hope that her daughter Urganta and in the future will continue to please their romantic shots with the second half.