Daughter of Ivan Urgant became a journalist

Дочь Ивана Урганта стала журналистом
15-year-old Eric Kiknadze wrote an article about fashion of the 90s.

Eric Kiknadze

Photo: Instagram

The eldest daughter of Ivan Urgant 15-year-old Erica is very popular in the Internet among their peers. On her personal blog signed by several tens of thousands of people. Eric regularly experimenting with appearance, but always dressed in the same style 90-ies. It was noticed by the makers of one of popular Russian portals about fashion and offered the girl to write an article about femininity twenty years ago. Erica brilliantly coped with this task. My daughter Urganta turned out to be excellent style and complete immersion in the subject. Just what needed for a first journalistic experience.

The photo that accompanies this article, was carried out in the student campus private English school, where he lives and she is studying. For filming Eric chose the clothes brands of the mass market, which is made available to every normal girl her age: jeans, sneakers, loose t-shirt…

The girl has not yet decided on a profession: if she will connect the life with journalism as her famous stepfather, Ivan Urgant, or glorified as a model. Young beauty has already tried several times myself as has shot for magazines and all of her photo shoots became popular in the Network.

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