Daughter of Ivan Okhlobystin commented on the novel by Ilya Glinnikov

Дочка Ивана Охлобыстина прокомментировала роман с Ильей Глинниковым
18-year-old heiress of the actor caught in the company of the chief of “the Bachelor” in the country.

Ivan Okhlobystin with his daughter Barbara

Photo: @zemlia_01 Instagram

Daughter of Ivan Okhlobystin was in a rather awkward situation. Recently 18-year-old Barbara in the company of close family friend — actor Ilya Glinnikov — visited the Church of Sofia, located in the city center. Just at that moment the couple noticed the paparazzi and took a few pictures of barbarians with Ilya.

That’s just the reporters did not recognize in the companion Glinnikov daughter Okhlobystin and mistook her for a participant of the show “the Bachelor,” where she’s going to be Ilya. The pair immediately attributed to a secret passionate affair.

Learning about the misunderstanding, the barbarian had a good laugh over this incident in social networks. She has published picture made the same day, and commented on a fictional affair with 32-year-old by Hlinikove.

“Hahaha, yell. I don’t remember I fought for the heart of uncle Elijah!” — posted by Barbara.

Okhlobystin from comments about the incident incident has so far refrained. However, this story hardly made an impression on him, because he has behind him many years of experience in show business and he’s probably already accustomed to such provocations by the press.