Daughter of Ewan McGregor publicly insulted his mistress!

Дочка Юэна Макгрегора публично оскорбила его любовницу!
The actor ignored the outburst of his daughter.

Дочка Юэна Макгрегора публично оскорбила его любовницу!

Ewan McGregor


Дочка Юэна Макгрегора публично оскорбила его любовницу!

Mary Winstead


22-year-old Clara, daughter of Ewan McGregor from its
ex-wife eve Mavrakis, caused on the Network a scandal. She left on the page of Mary Elizabeth Winstead, mistresses of her father, because
which he had gone from eve biting comment.

It all started with the fact that microblog Winstead
there was another photo of her, which led to the delight of fans of the actress
one of which called her a talented beauty. To which Clara responded,
leaving extremely pungent comment. “And this is the most beautiful and talented woman
on Earth?! Yes, this lady is just cheap!” — written by the daughter of Ewan. McGregor has not responded to attack on daughter
against his beloved. But many netizens sided with Clara. And only a few supported Mary, saying that she is innocent. If McGregor decided to cheat on his wife, he might well have to do not with Winstead, as with any other woman.

Clara is the eldest of their four daughters
of course it is heavier than the other take the news of his father’s infidelity. When Ewan left
family, she cut dad out of all family photos. Later, in a fit of
rebellion, was photographed Nude for “Playboy”. Of course, the ex and her mother
Eve is very worried about the collapse of his marriage. After all, she lived with Ewan in
legally married 22 years, raising daughters (Zaman now for 16 years, ester — 15,
and Anouk — six). “I am very upset and disappointed. But my main concern is what
lies in the fact that our children were OK…” said eve knowing that parents are getting a divorce.

Recall, Ewan, who met Mary
The Winstead on the set of the TV series “Fargo”, first filmed kissing
actress in October last year. In January, MacGregor filed for divorce from

Clara McGregor

Photo: Instagram