Daughter of Eldar Ryazanov recalled the strict requirements of the father

Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца The famous Director was adamant at times. The only heir of Eldar Ryazanov Olga said that the master always stood his ground, focusing only on personal feelings. Due to the fact that the master was able to go to the end, his paintings are loved by millions.
Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца

In memory of the famous film Director Eldar Ryazanov First channel on November 18, the day of his 90th birthday, showed the film “All the humor I spent on a movie.” His memories of the Eldar Aleksandrovich in the picture shared his only daughter Olga, grandson of Dmitry Troyanovsky, stepson Nicholas, the Mask, the artists who had the good fortune to work with Ryazanov.

The daughter of the master said that in all that concerned her father was adamant and was able to stand on his own. Olga Ildarovna remembered an episode which vividly describes the Director.

In the early 70-ies of Eldar Ryazanov began a joint project with one of the Italian studios, began filming the Comedy “Unbelievable adventures of Italians in Russia”. This picture could be called “Adventures Ryazanov in Italy” – when the Director along with the crew arrived in Rome, they were waiting for, to put it mildly, a cool reception. The Italian side decided to save on everything, gave little known artists, has allocated much worn costumes, put the crew in the cheapest hotel on the outskirts of Rome. Eldar Ryazanov in response put forward their demands.

Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца“When they were brought to this hotel a lousy dad just lay down on the bed, did not shave, suitcase unpacked, recalls in the film the daughter of the master of Olga Ryazanova. He said that the work will not be released until the normal conditions. When the Italians came to us, took them on the highest level and housed in the best hotels”.

In the end, the partners have fulfilled all the conditions by Eldar Ryazanov, and he, in turn, pleased the audience with hilarious Comedy.

Then, in the seventies of the life of the Director changed dramatically. Eldar Ryazanov has gone from first wife and mother of his only daughter to create a family with the woman he fell in love for real. Nina Skuybina was the Muse of masters of cinema. The period of their relationship and marriage is called the most beautiful and lyrical in a creative career Ryazanov. His filmography includes such films as “Irony of fate or with light steam!”, “Office romance”, “Station for two”.

Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца“Any female character created in this time, has the traits of the mother, says the stepson of Eldar Ryazanov, the son of his wife Nina, Nicholas the Mask. – Probably the General feeling here that tenderness, love, sincerity, feelings that arose in his films, has gone from their relationship with the mother.”
Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца

Actress Tatyana Dogileva met my wife by Eldar Ryazanov on the set of the film “Forgotten melody for flute”. The actress admitted that the Director wasn’t very happy with her work, and she dreaded what she was about to be replaced. The situation was saved by Nina Skuybina.

“She was such a quiet angel, the sweetest little thing. Always standing somewhere on the sidelines, always invisible. But it had a huge impact on the Eldar,” recalls Tatyana Dogileva.
Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца

Then the famous Director had no idea that his family happiness is left to last for very long.

In 1993 Nina Skuybina was diagnosed with cancer. The woman performed the most difficult operation, which only slowed the disease, but to win it are unable. Eldar Ryazanov was taken to a spouse for medical treatment in Germany.

“There prescribe treatment, which, I understand, just wanted to reassure moms and Eldar Aleksandrovich, – said the stepson of film Director Nicholas Skuybina. – When they returned from Germany, settled in the country. Ryazanov mom did not leave.”
Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца

It was a terrible seven months. Nina Skuybina was dying. She died in ‘ 64. Together with Ryazanov they spent more than twenty happy years.

Few people know that the 67-year-old Eldar Ryazanov, having lost his wife, put an end to his career. The Director never wanted to make a movie. He established on the grave of Nina monument is split in two half of the stone. To one was attached a sign with her name on it, another had prepared for himself.

Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца“He didn’t know how to live and whether to live, – continues Nikolay Mask. – A person chooses a place where he will lie… And thank God that there were still a whole chunk of life that was movies that was Emma, which was supported and helped and treated.”
Дочь Эльдара Рязанова вспомнила о жестких требованиях отца

With the woman who later became his third wife, Emma Abaidullina, Eldar Ryazanov met in the 80-ies. But for many years they were connected with friendship and communication. A year after the death of Nina Ryazanov has found salvation in Emma, and after a while there are new scenarios. This meant that the Director came back to life.