Daughter of Duchess Catherine began taking tennis lessons

Дочка герцогини Кэтрин начала брать уроки тенниса
Princess Charlotte of successful catches his older brother.

Kate Middleton,Prince William,Prince George and Princess Charlotte


That both her baby and Prince George, and Princess Charlotte
only moving and bright-eyed children, Catherine and her husband told me more than once.
But now it turned out that the daughter of the Duchess, which only in the spring will be three
years, in their physical development catches up with 4.5-year-old brother.

As has told a source close to the Royal court, Charlotte behaves
like a real Tomboy. She rushes through the corridors of Kensington Palace,
bumping passing through it people. And no injury, no abrasions and scratches
no broken knees unable to stop. And when she begins to run with
George on distillation, the boy has to strain to her
to catch up.

Given the strong characters of their children, Catherine tries to direct them
the energy in “peaceful”, attaching them to the sport. Her brother had already tried myself
horse riding (pony, of course) and began taking tennis lessons. According to the Duchess, Charlotte has learned to swim, and to catch her when she
galloping on his three-wheeled Bicycle, is not easy. And recently, she and her brother, started
to study tennis. Moreover, according to her young age, Princess turns out not bad at all. The coach expressed the hope that if she will continue
to continue with the same enthusiasm, Charlotte will do great

Incidentally, the young Prince and Princess have to take one
example: their parents are also well played tennis. In their summer residence in
Anmer Hall is a beautiful court, where they are playing. Moreover, the Duchess, who
did the forced break in their classroom due to a rough start
pregnancy has already been returned to his beloved sport. In early November, she
spouse visited the National tennis Association, the honorary chief which it
is where the day competed in the young athletes. And if at first the Duchess only
enjoyed watching them play, then she risked herself to go to court.
Catherine, dressed in a black-and-white track suit, played a bit with
young tennis players, from which they came in perfect delight.