Дочь Дениса Вороненкова раскрыла правду о конфликте с Марией Максаковой 23 Mar 2017 former Deputy of the state Duma of Russia was assassinated in the city center near the hotel “Premier Palace”. Widow of Denis Boronenkov Maria Maksakova told Andrei Malakhov about what is happening in her life. Now the artist spends time heir Boronenkov Catherine.
Дочь Дениса Вороненкова раскрыла правду о конфликте с Марией Максаковой

A year ago in the center of Kiev, was shot by the ex-Deputy of the state Duma Denis Voronenkov. Widow policy Maria Maksakova gave an interview to the program “Andrey Malakhov. Live”, in which he spoke about how there was her life after bereavement. The actress got in touch with the Studio transfer from Kharkov, where he participates in the rehearsals of the play “Othello”.

According to Maksakova, she regrets that left behind loved ones. Denis Voronenko changed place of residence because of the persecution that seemed to him unjust. Opera diva was very upset by the death of a spouse. In January, Maria lost her father. Now she’s immersed himself in work and rehearse in Kharkiv national Opera. His party, the star calls the “most complicated”. Presenter Andrey Malakhov asked Maria to speak about his personal life. After the artist was left alone, she is often credited with different novels.

“Ukraine is a very religious country, and no one would have allowed myself prior to the expiration of the year any way to care for me or afford hints. So at the moment I’m not thinking about his personal life,” said the singer.
Дочь Дениса Вороненкова раскрыла правду о конфликте с Марией Максаковой

Your relationship with your mother Lyudmila Maksakova Maria describes as “neutrality”. “I don’t want to go into it – was, not was said or not. I hate, of course, that despite all the evidence of what is happening, the mother continues to communicate with the Turin. It seems to me wild. So I have to make allowances for the fact that my interaction with it can, unfortunately, become known to him”, – said the artist.

Maria Maksakova receives threats from ex-husband

Rumor has it that Maksakova has signs of attention the chief Director of the Kharkiv national Opera and ballet theatre Armen Kaloyan, but the star has denied this information.

“He’s a very talented Director. I met him when he worked on the production. In no way noticed in respect of itself of no interest, well, except that as to the artist,” said singer.
Дочь Дениса Вороненкова раскрыла правду о конфликте с Марией Максаковой

The star said that at the theater, where she rehearses, a great team. “Armen teaches, speaks perfectly plastic. And I very much hope that we can stand prepared before the public Kharkiv on 24 March,” – said the singer. She also reported that she earns a living and pays taxes.

The Studio program we are talking about the relationship of Maria Maksakova daughter of Denis Boronenkov from another marriage to Catherine. It was rumored that the actress had a conflict with a girl who supposedly was fond of taking banned substances. Ekaterina is now with Maria. The heiress Boronenkov came to the singer’s anniversary. Catherine did not hide the fact that grieved the death of his father, especially given the increased attention of the public.

“I admire Mary, supporting her as best I can. We got friendly, we can say, family,” – shared the girl.

On the question of Andrey Malakhov about whether it always has such a relationship with Maria Maksakova, Catherine replied in the affirmative. So the girl denied speculation the public about the differences with the singer.