Дочь Алексея Панина прокомментировала своё похищение

Eight-year-old Anna Panina, which we all know as the NUS – beloved daughter of the Russian actor Alexei Panin, stated that the father did not kidnap her and that she has been living with him. Ex-wife of the notorious artist Julia Udintsev claims that ex-husband kidnapped her daughter and deprived the mother of the girl communication and any connection.

The artist himself claims that the NUS has been living with him and did not believe that the father abducted her from her mother. At the moment he and his daughter rest in the Crimea. Alex tells about his daughter and he even invited reporters to talk with the girl, so they were able to do to make sure she was all right.
“I have been living with my dad. How can he abduct me?” — said Anna. Meanwhile, Udintsev not only requires the return of the daughter, but also to compensate for failure to pay child support in the amount of nearly a million rubles. Panin wonders why he has to pay the ex-wife, if the daughter still lives with him.
“If the child lives with me, so she should be paying me alimony, and I am not her. Daughter had, and Julia can be seen, waited for the moment when Anna returned briefly to her, and filed in the court” — said the source.
Recall that the disassembly of Alex and Julia for the opportunity to see his daughter, reminiscent of a Thriller with elements of Thriller, just as parents do not realize that for Anna it could be a real drama.

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