Дочь Алексея Панина грубо отзывается о собственной матери 10-year-old has no regrets about what was left to live with dad. For a long time Alexey Panin Julia Udintsev and literally fought against each other for the right to educate the NUS. Now the girl is comfortable to be in Moscow, the father, not in Saint-Petersburg.
Дочь Алексея Панина грубо отзывается о собственной матери

For the past ten years scandalously famous actor Alexey Panin and his ex-fiancee Julia Udintsev can not divide the daughter of the NUS. The girl also has a hard work – she participates in various television shows and press conferences to prove his desire to stay and live with his father.

Alexey Panin has been criticized for the terrible education of her daughter

Despite the fact that now the girl is only 10 years old, he forbids her to your Instagram account. There nyusya communicates with followers and even join with them in conversation. One user was upset that the child does not live with Julia, and hastened to Express their opinion. “Very, very sorry for the girl, not the mother,” wrote the girl in the comments. However, this remark enraged daughter Panina, which is roughly expressed in the address of the native people.

“And I’m sorry that my mom knocked your brains out!” – categorically said the girl.

Subscribers were surprised with such statement of the child relative to the parent and tried to reason with her. “Anna, don’t judge so hard your mother if it is something you do not guess, that doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you, it will be possible to understand when you’re becoming a mother. It would not be late then to be sorry! Life does not stand still, everything changes, and our views on life change over the years – to our surprise,” wrote one user.

The NUS itself has admitted that not very often sitting in the Internet. She talked about the fact that shut down access to social networks to strangers. Apparently, she had to open page only in order to warn fans of the father that his account was hacked. According to Panina, he explained to your daughter how to behave on the Internet.

Nyusya Panina: “Gossip about dad ruining my mood”

“I deliberately closed to people all sorts of nonsense did not write about dad. To me it spoils the mood. No one but me knows what it really is. I love him, he’s the closest person to me”, said the NUS “StarHit”.