Дочь Алексея Панина начинает ненавидеть свою мать The actor admitted that Julia Udintsev did not listen to his daughter. Now seven-year-old spends holidays with dad in the Crimea. Alexey Panin says that the NUS voluntarily refuses to live with her mother.

      Дочь Алексея Панина начинает ненавидеть свою мать

      The scandal surrounding the daughter of actor Alexey Panin and model Yulia Yudintseva lasts for several years. Parents and then try to persuade the NUS to his side. Mom and dad even go to desperate measures to “steal” the child, hoping that the girl remained with one of them.

      Now Alexey Panin firmly convinced that his beloved child is much better to live with the father. Moreover, seven-year-old self decided to live with dad.

      “The NUS is now living with me and mom is not going to. It’s her will. He and his mother do not communicate at all. Julia did everything to set daughter against him. Now comes to the fact that NUS is starting to hate her”, – told the “StarHit” Panin.

      Alex with her daughter resting in the Crimea. He tries to do everything to make the girl fully enjoyed the vacation takes her to the Park, attend concerts together. Despite the fact that Udintsev trying to get in touch with the child, Panin believes that it only exacerbates the situation. Daughter of Alexei Panin refuses to live with mom

      “Mother of the NYSE trying to write, call, but she did not hear his daughter! Bullying that is going to deprive me of parental rights. She can not reach the normal dialogue. I think that soon there will come such a critical point, when the NUS have not be able to communicate with his mother. Julia now only exacerbates the situation and makes it worse your own child,” admitted Alex.

      A close friend of Alex Andrey Kovalev fully supports the actor. He told me that during the time when the NUS lived together with my mother, she went to school from time to time, and all day just watching TV. Moreover, man celebrities is very experienced, the atmosphere in which grew a girl. Within two years Udintsev gave Panin to see your daughter. He said that Julia used alcohol, but promised to give up the pernicious habit. Even then, Alex had agreed to a meeting with the daughter on weekends. After another conflict Panina and Yudintseva, when the girl went along with Alexey from St. Petersburg to Moscow, Yulia did not respond to messages from the daughter, who asked to give her favorite doll. However, in these reports the child’s mother did not pay attention.

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