Дочь Александра Серова: «У нас огромная трагедия» A relative of artist Michelle reported on the personal page in Instagram that he had lost a family member. After a long and painful illness died favorite pet girls. Fans expressed condolences to his daughters.
Дочь Александра Серова: «У нас огромная трагедия»

Michel Serova shared with fans the sad news. She lost a best friend, an adorable dog named Posy. Pet daughter of Alexander Serov died from cancer.

Earlier Michelle asked subscribers how to do it. The doctors recommended the girl to put down a pet to spare it from suffering.

Дочь Александра Серова: «У нас огромная трагедия»
“We have a huge tragedy. My favorite, most loyal and kind Posa dying of cancer. He’s 13 years old. Tumor sucking the life out of him every day. This photo was taken on may 5, now he lost another three times nothing to eat, no strength even to stand. Doctors prescribed painkillers, drips and medication, but not getting any better. Said that at best two months… And then it will have to be put down. We all cry and can’t make a decision. It is very painful to let go and say goodbye, but even harder to see how the disease kills. As he howls, whether from weakness, or forgiven. It is impossible to wrap my head around what is happening with my dog that I remember a puppy, which was sleeping, was taught to give paw, play. Just loved and adored. Every day his eyes fill with tears, a lump in my throat, why nothing can be done? No way to fix it?” – shared Michelle.

“What a pity… Michelle,” “It’s a really tough one to swallow I know from my own experience. Sorry for your grief. Hold on!” “It’s hard and painful… Hold on,” “sorry baby,” wrote netizens.