Дочь Александра Реввы трогательно поздравила его с днем рождения Resident of Comedy Club is celebrating its 42 anniversary. Daughter and wife of the artist one of the first congratulated him on the occasion. Especially sincere wish turned out the younger heiress Revva, which is not yet able to pronounce the letter “R”.

      September 10, the resident of Comedy Club and singer Alexander Revva turned 42. Relatives and friends were among the first to congratulate him happy birthday. Especially notable was the youngest daughter of showman Amelie Revva, which this year was three years old. The artist’s wife Angelica even recorded a short video where you can see how little touching wishes dad all the best, not pronouncing the letter “R”.

      “Daddy, I congratulate you, love! Happy birthday, daddy!”, — this signature was made by the wife of Alexander Revva to the video decoding words to his younger successor.

      Fans of the entertainer was touched by the greeting of his daughter. “Kuksenok”, “Very cool”, “Wonder”, “what a beauty! And congratulations to daddy Why”, “Minimisethe rolls”, “Best dad”, “How cute is that! Amelie miracle,” they wrote in the comments of the post the wife of Alexander.

      Angelica also left her husband a touching wishes. The choice of the showman once again confessed her love for him.

      “Today was born my love! My Alexander, happy birthday! You’re an incredible person! You’re a Man with a capital letter! You are definitely talented for all, but for me — brilliant! You have best friends, because you deserve them… it’s impossible not to love… I admire your generosity and your big heart! If every person on earth thought a little like you, the world would be a Paradise! You are my God,” wrote Angelica Revva in his Instagram.

      Fan of Alexander Revva also congratulated him on the occasion. “Happy birthday, genius,” “the best, funniest and most handsome man”, “Health and peace to you and your wonderful family! New projects bright prospects and infinite recognition, Smiles, sun and heat. That life was more beautiful, Not to know grief never!”, “Success and love”, wrote the subscribers Revva in the comments to his microblog.

      By the way, in the night from Friday to Saturday in Sochi was the closing of “New wave”. One of the leading this event has become a resident of Comedy Club. The company REWE made Lera Kudryavtseva, Timur Rodriguez, Sergey Lazarev, Lipa and Ksenia Sobchak. “New wave” is over! Now she’s “old wave”. See you next year!”, — shared a showman in one of his social networks. Closing the “New wave”: the arrival of sting, Basque in the image of the pokemon and other surprises