Дочь Александра Реввы cтанцевала вместе с Бейонсе The showman made his eldest heir of the unforgettable gift. He managed to purchase tickets for one of the most anticipated worldwide concerts. Together with the Revva and charming Alice, he was also visited by 90 thousand people, many of whom came to London for a speech in Beyonce.

      Дочь Александра Реввы cтанцевала вместе с Бейонсе

      Resident of Comedy Club Alexander Revva, has started his 8-year-old daughter Alice is a magnificent gift not only went with her on a journey to London, but took the baby to the beyoncé concert. The performance of the pop diva at the stadium “Wembley”, containing 90 thousand people, it’s been extremely bright and ambitious. It also lasted for several days in a row — those who had tickets for the first day, could buy them for a second.

      “Very soon we will begin the show Beyonce. Let’s see how many people are here. And we are also here!” — shared Revva with followers your Instagram.

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      “Aunt Beyonce start… it’s 1:0 in favor of it,” wrote entertainer, posle how Beyonce took the stage under the storm of applause of a huge crowd.

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      During the concert, Revva and its successor actively photographed and filmed the events. The girl also enjoyed dancing to your favorite hits. Despite the fact that Alexander and Alice were not near the stage, and on one of the stands, they came in great joy from the fact that were able to listen to the iconic singer. A huge screen erected on the stage, brought the huge crowd to enjoy dancing favorite artist, and the sound was so powerful that it is very well heard on the recordings made by the family Revva. Show the Queen of R’n’b left them bright and unforgettable impressions.

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      “Beyonce, thank you for the emotions you gave my beautiful Alice. Now, take your daughter to ivy and let’s go to my concert in Sochi the fifth of July,” he joked Revva after the event in social networks.

      Recall that the Seventh concert tour one of the most popular women in the world and the winner of 20 Grammy awards have named the Formation. He was held in support of sixth album “Lemonade”, which was released in 2016. The first show with a new program of the singer was held April 27 in Miami, the tickets sold out in record time — within a few hours. The same thing happened with beyoncé concerts in London, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Toronto, new York and other cities around the world. According to the press service of the artist, wishing to see the Queen of R’n’b was so much more than places on the grounds where she was supposed to sing.

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