Daughter of Alexander Malinin presented the football anthem

Дочь Александра Малинина представила футбольный гимн The famous actor wrote the lyrics to lift the spirit of sport. Alexander Malinin and Ustinja has pleased fans with their creativity – they recorded the song on the famous song of a German group of 80-ies.

Daughter of Alexander Malinin Ustinja after the famous father and brother is also building a music career – she writes songs and sings. This year our country is hosting the world Cup, and the famous family has decided not to remain aloof from this event. Alexander and Ustinja was presented to the audience the song “Moscow”. The famous musician he wrote the text to the music of popular 80s songs of the German band Dschinghis Khan “Moskau”. They shared their creations with fans of not only their talent but also trying to find a response in the hearts of football fans. As it turned out, the composer Ralph Siegel decided to do a creative experiment – to record the song in different languages. The musician chose Alexandra with her daughter by chance – he liked their performance, which he found on the Internet.

“Ralph Siegel presented four new version of one of the most recognizable and popular songs in the world “Moskau” – in English, German, Spanish and Russian. To record the Russian version of Ralph together with a group of “Genghis Khan” invited Alexander and Ustino Malinin saw on YouTube their performance,” – said in a microblog Malinin.

The clip begins with the fact that young children of different nationalities shouting “Moscow”. Throughout the video shows the beauty of the capital, and Alexander and Ustinja worked in the Studio, and then a background for the right visuals. Apparently, the Director of the video did not feel the need to travel to the necessary locations, and cost only a combined set. So father and daughter went up over a sports stadium and the fans, danced on an imaginary scene created by using computer graphics the audience and were together with show-ballet on the football field, which appeared only by video editors.

Many fans Malinin found this song very motivational. Alexander Malinin picked up this text, which perfectly fit to specific elements present in the original.

“Moscow, Moscow, is our championship,

Everyone come to us glad – a-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Moscow, Moscow, all she calls

Our football holiday is waiting for – Ah-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Moscow, Moscow, you’re on the green fields

Take your friends – a-ha-ha-ha-ha.

Welcome to football

We are all waiting for a beautiful goal – a-ha-ha-ha-ha,” – so runs the refrain in a song which, apparently, should inspire the players for a good game.