Daughter of Alexander Malinin has shocked everyone with its beauty

Дочка Александра Малинина потрясла всех своей красотой
The actor spoke about the education of 16-year-old heiress.

Ivan Urgant, Alexander Malinin and his wife Emma and daughter Ustinya

Photo: @smak_1tv Instagram

Alexander Malinin became the hero of the program “Relish” with Ivan Urgant. Shooting programs national actor arrived with his wife Emma and 16-year-old daughter Ustinya. The heiress of the singer is not often appeared in public, as most of the year living in Germany, where he goes to public school. This year it went to the tenth grade — very soon waiting for her University admission.

The choice of the future profession Ustinya is a hot topic for family Malinin. The wife of the artist wants his daughter to become a doctor this year she began to study Latin. In addition, she is fluent in German language. But Alexander wants his daughter continued his “business” life and became an artist.

On the set of “Smak” Ustinja has showcased his singing talent — has performed a duet with his famous father romance. Malinin sure that the daughter can develop a successful music career. By the way, the audience of the First channel, noted that Ustinja grows very glamorous girl. “Ustinja gorgeous! And what hair!”, “Beautiful daughter, like daddy.” — wrote Alexander.